Vanity plates

The first iteration zoomed in on a compass rose, flipped it over to reveal a sinusoidal projection map of the world, which then zoomed out and duplicated to form three stacked "diamonds", with the letters I, T, and C, from top to bottom, inside.

They do not approve personalized registrations if they contain words which are offensive in any widely used language. Apply for Specialty License Plates Specialty plates can be applied for: Despite scaring several kids in the s and the early s, it was a Long Runner and was used from tobut was recently revived on some of K-C's internet shorts.

ITC Entertainment went through four iterations featuring modifications of its "stacked diamonds" logo: On June 15th,it became possible to apply for a personalised license plate in Norway.

The studio did not receive a vanity plate untilwith the studio being credited solely in the Credits Roll. It definitely made us chuckle. After the anniversary logo turns purple, it quickly disappears in a flash of light, while the normal Funimation logo gets sliced and falls off the screen.

So-called "distinguished plates" have a special combination of digits, etc. To apply for a PA personalized plate, take the same steps as those for special plates using the form associated with the specific special plate you wish to personalize.

Vanity Plates

A new variant opens on the full moon that opens to its crescent shape revealing the boy who swings around his fishing line, whipping hook at the camera, clearing away some clouds and allowing the letters of the logo to fly in from the foreground.

This is in reference to Goodman's archetype as a crooked criminal attorney. Registrations can be sold, or transferred from one Vanity plates to another, with some restrictions. An abbreviated version of this vanity was used for TV broadcasts.

The whole string has to contain at least one digit. Klasky-Csupo actually had three plates: Both of these vanities used the same music and sound effects, and lasted about 10 seconds each. Not if the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles has anything to say about it and it turns out they do.

In the Finnish comedy film Lapland Odyssey one of the main characters owns a car with licence plate "TIS", read as "tissi", which is "breast" in Finnish. For more information regarding personalized plates please refer to the Special Plates Application. Phillips had the plates on his car for more than a decade before the state realized what it meant.

Two letters and four numbers or four numbers and two letters Examples: However, the font style, size and spacing is mandated by law, making the practice illegal.

11 Controversial Vanity License Plates

The logo was accompanied by an note violin fanfare. To order your personalized Ohio personalized license plate, follow these steps: This is accompanied by a quick drum beat. British Columbia had the lowest vanity plate penetration rate 0. Founded by former MTM writers, this company's only product of note was the sitcom Taxi.

Here Are Our 10 Favorite Vanity Plates From Mustang Week 2018

Josh Selig's company that created Oobi and Wonder Pets! In the United Arab Emiratesregular number plates consist of five digits and one optional character depending on the emirate. The cow's eye then rolls back into its head.

22 Vanity Plates That Will Make You Shake Your Head

Weinberger leaving his office for the night. A man and a woman's voices are heard saying "FUNimation", while the logo disappeared and another voice presumably Christopher Sabat whispered the text "You Should Be Watching".

In they changed their logo to. Originally the only vanity plates allowed to be transferred were ordinary registrations that had been transferred. Its logo displays the name together with the first image and accompanying sound of the short film A Study in Wetmade by Groening's late father, Homer.


The third version had the ITC logo in white zoom in from the center of a spinning object composed of the logo's diamond shapes, one each in red, green, and blue, on a space background.

Of course, you are free to peruse our full gallery of vanity plates below and pick your own list of favorites. It also briefly brings back the shapes by styling them into a blue and red "20", the 0 serving as the circle with the star in it before turning into a one star Dragon Ball.

You can also choose a personalized or vanity military plate for additional fees. Ohio allows you to determine if your specific lettering on Vanity plates license plate is available online.Plate requests are granted on a first come, first serve basis.

There is a possibility that a character combination may become unavailable if the same request was received prior to your submission. Letters A through Z, numbers 1 through 9, spaces and dashes are the only valid characters.

We had such a good time last year peeping all the vanity plates that we just had to share them all with you. This year we made a point of checking out as many of the Mustang hindquarters as we could to track down a new crop of creative plates.

Let your Plates Do the Talking. Make a custom license plate for your car or truck each for $ or less! Use our simple tool to design your own or pick one of our popular templates. » Personalized. Specialty and Prestige license plates are only allowed on private passenger vehicles.

Specialty license plates can be applied for at your County Tag process for obtaining these plates is the same as standard plates. Personalized Plates FAQs. Select the type of plate to match your vehicle type.

Then enter a personalized plate combination using up to 6 or 8 characters, including spaces and/or a state image, if eligible. Please see our Home Page at for important information.

Items with an "Add To Cart" button are items that are available.

Vanity plates
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