The wounded platoon

Rodger Wilton Young

Students who failed to make the grade physically were returned to their units after the first week. It also has one squad in the rear that can either overwatch or trail the other squads.

The Wounded Platoon

Navy, attached to a company in the 1st Marine Division. While some units may have had a few MOS-qualified medics assigned to them, the typical patrol did not, and one of the team members performed this function. Chosin Reservoir area, Korea, 28 November to 2 December The script was set to music from The Doors ; Stone sent the script to Jim Morrison in the hope he would play the lead.

For conspicuous gallantry The wounded platoon intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty: LRRP teams were also used extensively to reconnoiter helicopter landing zones in preparation for combat assaults by larger units.

In Februaryfor example, patrols were sent out to identify and call in indirect fire on enemy rocket-firing sites, implant remote sensors, monitor NVA infiltration routes, verify enemy activity in a particular area using saturation patrols, and monitor enemy sampan traffic on a river.

The doctor recommended that Young go to a field hospital for treatment. A comparison of the formations is in Figure Students carried their rifles and wore all of their LBE with rucksack, four full 1-quart canteens, and their sandbag for these marches.

The lead squad uses traveling overwatch, and the trailing squads use traveling. Rather than gathering intelligence by passive means, the Corps Ranger Company was employed in attacking small groups of enemy and in gaining intelligence by capturing personnel and documents.

During the past calendar year, the Ranger Company achieved a Seeking an opportunity to gain some extra income and believing that because of his medical issues he would not pass a medical for the Regular Army, he decided to join the National Guard instead.

The production was almost canceled because of the political upheaval in the countrydue to then-president Ferdinand Marcos. Indigenous soldiers came from three primary sources: This formation is hard to control, and it does not lend itself well to rapid movement.

This particular platoon was attached to Troop E, 17th Cavalry Armored. Despite this change in designation, the unit continued to maintain an intelligence-gathering focus. At this time, Pvt.

One can also posit that the writers of LRRP doctrine in and probably did not envision the amount of combat these units would engage in, given the reconnaissance focus of both fielded editions of FM Once they arrive, the above process is repeated while awaiting their evacuation back to the BAS.

Movement techniques are not fixed formations.Third Platoon, Charlie Company. What happened to them in Iraq, and what happened when they came home. A brillant movie, timeless in its execution. Most veterans, with whom I've spoke, indicated that Platoon was the closest to how things actually were over there.

Rodger Wilton Young

Aug 05,  · This edition features stories on Marines from Battery M, 3rd Battalion, 11th Marine Regiment working security instead of their usual role in fire. When Robert Swan Mueller III deployed to Vietnam as a Marine infantry platoon commander inhe surely knew it would be difficult. Mueller’s regiment, the 4th Marines, had faced bloody.

Great Frontline program — The Wounded Platoon

Origin & Brie f History. Casper Aviation Platoon was the only separate aviation platoon in the United States Army during the Vietnam War. Casper was organized with the d Airborne Brigade on Okinawa in and arrived in country with the Brigade on May 5, becoming the first United States Army ground unit committed to the Vietnam War.

Among the infantry's basic fundamentals are the principles of war, the elements of combat power, and the tenets of AirLand Battle. These fundamentals have application at the platoon and squad level. This section provides the mission of the infantry and the doctrine principles basic to the infantry rifle platoon .

The wounded platoon
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