The missionary journeys of apostle paul

They made their way through Phyrgia [6] and Galatia [7], but the Holy Spirit prevented them from speaking God's message in Asia. Paul did not go there during the first 3 journeys.

He spent some time there before he left on his Third Journey From there we went to Philippi [12], a Roman garrison-town and the chief city in that part of Macedonia. In the spring, they sailed on to Syracuse on island of Sicilythen to Rhegium on the southern tip of Italythen to Puteoli on the western coast of Italy.

The ship was caught by it and since she could not be brought up into the wind we had to let her fall off and run before it. They sailed to Myra now southern Turkey and on to Lasea, on large island of Crete, 50 miles southeast of Greece, where much time was spent Acts Coasting along with difficulty we came to a place called Fair Havens [10], The missionary journeys of apostle paul which is the city of Lasea.

In 1 Corinthians 3: He disputed daily in the school of Tyrannus for 2 years Acts There we found some of the brothers and they begged us to stay a week with them, and so we finally came to Rome. There was a man in Caesarea [7] by the name of Cornelius, a Gentile centurion in what was called the Italian Regiment.

After another stay in Antioch, building up the church there, Paul was ready to take a second missionary journey. Paul sails on to Caesarea and then goes up to Antioch in Syria, where the second journey ends. Corinth Paul went to Corinth on his second mission, where he stayed with Aquila and Priscilla.

After his release, he wrote the epistles of Hebrews, Titus, First Timothy, and Second Timothy, not necessarily in that order, although Second Timothy was apparently his last.

So they passed by Mysia and came down to Troas [9], where one night Paul had a vision of a Macedonian man standing and appealing to him in the words: At Miletus he sent to Ephesus to summon the elders of the Church.

But this is unlikely, since Paul was only in Athens a short time Acts Second Timothy was apparently written from prison 2 Timothy 1: Here he disembarked and after paying his respects to the Church in Jerusalem [22], he went down to Antioch [23].

This man was attached to Sergius Paulus, the proconsul or Roman governor of the island province of Cypruswho was himself a man of intelligence. In spite of Paul's warnings, the ship continued on its way But when the Jews at Thessalonica found out that God's message had been proclaimed by Paul at Beroea as well, they came there too to cause trouble and spread alarm among the people.

He also wrote epistles, or letters, to the Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians and to Timothy and Philemon while imprisoned in Rome.

Galatians was written when Paul was not in prison and when neither Silas or Timothy were with him Galatians 1: And the disciples continued to be full of joy and the Holy Spirit.

At Lystra there was a disciple by the name of Timothy This took place after the events recorded in Acts, so all of our information comes from various statements that Paul makes in his letters. But most likely, it was written from Ephesus during Paul's 3 years there from We sailed from there and arrived off the coast of Chios [12] the next day.

The three Letters of John were probably written in Ephesus probably all to addresses in the Province of Asia see Map 31 following Map The Letter of James is generally believed to have been the first Letter of the New Testament to have been written, probably some time before the Council at Jerusalem.

Paphos Paul cursed a sorcerer here Acts Paul stayed for some time in Corinth after this incident For several days we beat slowly up to windward and only just succeeded in arriving off Cnidus [8]. As he made his way through these districts This may have been from the spring of 52 AD to the fall of 53 AD.

He even participated in the execution of the first Christian martyr, Stephen Acts 7: We sailed away from Tyre and arrived at Ptolemais [20]. What were the different missionary journeys of Paul?

Paul the Apostle

Much the same thing happened at Iconium. But before long a terrific gale, which they called a north-easter, swept down upon us from the land. Paul says he will send Artemas or Tychicus to Titus. Then they sail to Perga in Pamphylia, which is now southern Turkey.1 2 3 4 Tyre BITHYNIA Sidon Tarsus PONTUS Damascus 0 SYRIA Joppa Caesarea CAPPADOCIA Salamis CILICIA Antioch Derbe Lystra Iconium Jerusalem Gaza Samaria.

Paul traveled through Cyprus on his first missionary journey (Acts ), as did Barnabas and Mark later. THE FIRST MISSIONARY JOURNEYS. Map The Earliest Missionary Journeys - Philip the Evangelist. Taken from Acts b - On that very day (the death of Stephen) a great storm of persecution burst upon the Church in Jerusalem [1].

All Church members except the apostles were scattered over the countryside of Judea [2] and Samaria [3]. The Apostle Paul His Life and Missionary Journeys. Questions? - Our Newsletter.

Read fasinating trivia on Paul! Paul's Missionary Journeys Maps. Travels after his conversion. Map of all cities visited. First Missionary Journey of Paul.

Second Missionary Journey. Third Missionary Journey. In Corinth, Paul met Priscilla and Aquila, who became faithful believers and helped Paul through his other missionary journeys. The couple followed Paul and his companions to Ephesus, and stayed there to start one of the strongest and most faithful churches at that time (Acts –21).

The Apostle Paul His Life and Missionary Journeys. Questions? - Our Newsletter. What were Paul's many identities? Paul's Missionary Journeys Maps. Travels after his conversion. Map of all cities visited. First Missionary Journey of Paul.

Second Missionary Journey. Third Missionary Journey.

The missionary journeys of apostle paul
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