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Teleological Theories of Mental Content

When we conceive things in the same way for example, as twins across worlds dowe have the same contents. According to these criticisms, the Twin Earth thought experiments seem to show that twins across planets, or in those raised in different linguistic communities, establish differing contents by importing questionable assumptions such as; that the causal theory of reference is true, that we refer to hidden structural properties, or dictate norms for ascribing contents.

Note that the problem is simultaneously one of ruling in the right causes without also ruling in the wrong ones.

Internalism and Externalism in the Philosophy of Mind and Language

For an account to be "enactive" in the full and precise sense of the term, it must include both theoretical projects.

Lastly, as Paul Bernier has noted, Teleosemantics new philosophical essays if we could settle on some phenomenological descriptions to be held constant across planets, we could not know that any tokening of symbols really did determine their broad contents correctly Bernier Hutto and Myin think that the phenomenological concept of nonrepresentational intentional content means "simply whatever object a given intentional attitude targets or is directed at" p.

Probably no-one has wanted to do this. Because Segal bases his radical internalism on rejecting externalist intuitions altogether, its very plausibility rests on this. Intuitively, we want to say that they might know nothing of snorf, Teleosemantics new philosophical essays says.

Regardless of these details, motleys are shared by twins and brains in vats. Unless some way to test such intuitions is developed, proponents of both sides will continue to cleave to their assumptions in the debate, convinced that the burden of proof must be borne by the opposition.

What makes it the case that CAT has the content cat? Suppose that we have a simple system that has just one way of detecting the presence of some feature of the environment.

Neologisms allow us to gauge just how much our fellows deviate from us, and even to factor these deviations out Segal; Segal Segal, she notes, assumes a neo-Fregean account of content which she paraphrases as If S rationally assents to P t1 and dissents from or abstains from the truth value of P t2where P is in an extensional context, then for S, t1 and t2 have different contents, and S associates different concepts with them Brown Jackson takes the unusual direction here of arguing that, since one can have justified beliefs about minds without having justified beliefs about histories of natural selection, the two must be different things.

Some argue that Millikan's theory has advantages in comparison with Dretske's indicator semantics see e. An instantly created swampman — a being with no causal history — could not have the contents we have, or even have contents at all Davidson Not all teleological theories of content are type 1 theories, however.

They might, consistent with this, differ in their cognitive roles. Cs and Rs might have a common cause, for instance. This is not a type-1 teleological theory of content. Does basic cognition constitutively involve modes of presentation? If causal-role functions are a subset of dispositions actually possessed by token traits then they do not permit the possibility of malfunction because a trait cannot have the causal-role function to Z and at the same time lack the disposition to Z.

When all this is revealed, he says, our intuitions about content can easily change, and do. The project, recall, is that of explaining how mental states get their contents, and of doing so in terms of the functions brain states have.


For example, a visual system might be caused by a red instantiation to change into a RED state, and it might have been selected in part for being disposed to change into a RED state in response to red and have the function to do so.

It is to some extent a separate question whether such norms play a role in cognitive science and whether a narrow notion is needed instead or in addition. It is enough, on her theory, that Rs mapped on to Cs often enough for the representation's consumers to have so to speak benefited from that mapping.

For example, Hutto and Myin mention Hubert Dreyfus's thesis that absorbed skillful action exhibits a form of intentionality that does not involve propositional mental representations or semantically interpretable brain representations.

Roughly, on an etiological theory of functions, an items function is what it was selected for, or what thing of the type were selected for. If it represents the stimulus as small, dark and moving, it does not.

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Internalists, Segal says, are not required to concede that some of our contents are broad and then to develop versions of narrow contents as phenomenology, epistemic contents, or conceptual roles beyond this.

These more proximal items in the causal chain carry information about C to the system and through the system to the R. For example, when we say that it is the function of the heart to pump blood this seems equivalent to saying that hearts are for pumping blood or that hearts are there in order to pump blood.

Since cats also sometimes cause CATs, cats are in the extension too. Gareth Evans, John McDowell adapt neo-Fregean semantics to launch a version of externalism for demonstrative thoughts for example, this is my cat. Many philosophers would agree that referential content, which is normative in the aforementioned sense, is not narrow content.

In other words, agents are presented with various apparent properties, relations, and so forth, all with unique feels.James is a philosopher of science with particular interest in the life sciences (especially ecology and evolutionary biology) and computing and information science (particularly artificial intelligence and it’s impact on humanity).

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Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews is an electronic, peer-reviewed journal that publishes timely reviews of scholarly philosophy books. Teleological theories of mental content try to explain the contents of mental representations by appealing to a teleological notion of function.

'Teleosemantics' seeks to explain meaning and other intentional phenomena in terms of their function in the life of the species. This volume of new essays from a line-up of well-known contributors offers a summary of the current state of the teleosemantics debate. Dressayre guillaume azoulay.

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Teleosemantics new philosophical essays
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