Social media marketing case study india

Facebook is now the third most visited site in India after Google and its Indian version Google India. On the offline platforms, the campaign reached out to 1. These providers allow access to an almost endless database of music to users, which can be pushed to computers and other devices connected to the Internet.

Simplify The analysis of the effectiveness of social media Usage: It was conceived to document, exhibit, educate and disseminate information about transportation in India. That way you can check what events are coming up and plan content around them.

Apart from more than 8, followers, and getting direct access to the airline's consequently a high klout score of Especially in the context of a vast, diverse and complicated developing country like India. Understanding the image in the eyes of its prospective concerns and requirements of Indian customers.

Partnership At the last stage of the campaign, the brand partnered with the Indian Cancer Society to activate its medico vans in 7 cities, helping people understand the importance of early Breast Self-Examination.

First, it needs to provide a strong level of user engagement. Not to forget the role that social stigma plays into keeping this ignorance going.

Definition, History, and by engaging customers directly. That was one of the issues facing the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science, which represents lab professionals. It started off as a passion for collecting all forms of objects related to transport and eventually turned into India's first comprehensive transport museum.

Today I am… pic. This allows Jet Airways to media for marketing purposes. A thorough keyword research was carried out for them; a total of keywords was shortlisted and incorporated into content on the website and across all media.

There used to be no competition of Orkut and it was first and best choice for every newbie. We implemented a monthly social media marketing strategy that worked in sync with targeted campaigns. A demonstrative video was also created and shared across channels including Social Media which helped generate awareness, create engagement and also drove engagement via influencers.

Access to the cloud has spawned a number of start-ups such as Spotify and Grooveshark. Social marketing enhances the brand awareness Network Sites: It also launched its mobile technology offering in SOCIAL MEDIA CASE STUDIES 5 Social Media Case Studies Sony Mobile India Over Achieved 2 Million Fans Through Social Media Sony India Pvt Ltd.

is a % subsidiary of Sony Corporation.


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How Brands are Nailing Social Space in India: Social Media Marketing Case Studies

Our social media marketing services will ensure that your brand receives the visibility it deserves. In OctoberAtif Rafiq joined the US-based fast food company McDonald’s Corporation (McDonald’s) as the Chief Digital Officer. This position was created with the view to building up the company’s digital strategy to keep the customers engaged with the brand.

The museum showcases the evolution of transportation in India and sets a benchmark in interpretation, exhibition and in communication. Social Media Marketing (SMM) Case Study for, Iceland ; Website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM) Case Study for Luxury Wedding Planner Marriageuana, Kolkata, India.

A data-driven, people-based marketing approach to audience, creative testing, and media optimization Deep platform expertise and partnership to maximize capabilities Integrated USAA teamwork between social, media, analytics, and creative in collaboration with Merkle and Facebook.

Social media marketing campaigns & case studies in India all found under one roof. Check out this section to know more about SMM case studies.

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Social media marketing case study india
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