Art geeks and prom queens book report

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Art Geeks and Prom Queens by Alyson Noël - PDF free download eBook

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Art Geeks and Prom Queens

Books Young Adult Fiction Art Geeks and Prom Queens. Art Geeks and Prom Queens.

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(2) (8) 0. Write Review. Add to favorites. Author(s) Report this review. January 03, Kimberly Pauley the book was a work of art. To ask other readers questions about Art Geeks and Prom Queens, please sign up.

Be the first to ask a question about Art Geeks and Prom Queens Lists with This Book/5. This is a book about a teenage girl, who moves to California. She has to deal with a new school, new friends, mean cheerleaders, new crushes, and her Mom.

Art Geeks and Prom Queens is definitely a book to checkout. It takes you along Rios journey through a high school with new friends, boys, and of course DRAMA!!!!!4/5(28).

Art geeks and prom queens book report
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