An analysis of the importance pf natural experience and imagination in transcendentalism

If not for God, the wicked might go unpunished and the righteous unrewarded. Thus it is from the historians of English and German literature that we inherit the convenient set of terminal dates for the Romantic period, beginning inthe year of the first edition of Lyrical Ballads by Wordsworth and Coleridge and of the composition of Hymns to the Night by Novalis, and ending inthe year which marked the deaths of both Sir Walter Scott and Goethe.

The way we react to nature depends upon our state of mind in approaching it. The nature of things is flowing, a metamorphosis.

The imagination of the Romantics not only allowed them to envision a better world, but provided them with the tools to make their poetry come alive to the reader, even so many years later. Thus a good symbol is the best argument, and is a missionary to persuade thousands.

Sublime (philosophy)

Style betrays you, as your eyes do. Historical Considerations It is one of the curiosities of literary history that the strongholds of the Romantic Movement were England and Germany, not the countries of the romance languages themselves.

Then the dry twig blossoms in his hand. Suppose there were in the ocean certain strong currents which drove a ship, caught in them, with a force that no skill of sailing with the best wind, and no strength of oars, or sail.

Every one may see, as he rides on the highway through an uninteresting landscape, how a little water instantly relieves the monotony: Man may grasp the underlying meaning of the physical world by living harmoniously with nature, and by loving truth and virtue.

The most they have done is to intoxicate us once and again with its taste. Or is this belief a metaphysical whim of modern times, and quite too refined?

He wishes to be rich, to be old, to be young, that things may obey him. I know a song which I need only to sing when men have loaded me with bonds: Another admired poet of the day was Thomas Moorewhose Irish Melodies began to appear in In Wordsworth dedicated a number of sonnets to the patriotic cause.

To know the merit of Shakspeare, read Faust. Let Poetry then pass, if it will, into music and rhyme. Yet, they suggested, the more the tragedy of life appeared to us in all of its inevitability and pain, the more beautiful life would be in our eyes.

Man's capabilities are unlimited in proportion to his openness to nature's revelatory and transforming properties. The weaver sees gingham; the broker sees the stock-list; the politician, the ward and county votes; the poet sees the horizon, and the shores of matter lying on the sky, the interaction of the elements, the large effect of laws which correspond to the inward laws which he knows, and so are but a kind of extension of himself.

The visionary man may lose himself in it, may become a receptive "transparent eyeball" through which the "Universal Being" transmits itself into his consciousness and makes him sense his oneness with God.

The Romantics tended to define and to present the imagination as our ultimate "shaping" or creative power, the approximate human equivalent of the creative powers of nature or even deity.The imagination is of particular importance to the Romantics because they can see a world that has started to disappear with the arrival of the Age of Enlightenment, also known as the Age of Reason.

Emerson feels that transcendentalism must come from experience in the wilderness, and then through intellect.

David Thoreau also used "nature" for an escape from the wheel of society, where he "went into the woods" in order "to live deliberately".

Nov 03,  · The Important Role of Transcendentalism in American History Ina movement known as Transcendentalism began to gain popularity in America. Representing an idealistic system of thought, "strength, courage, self-confidence, and independence of mind"1 were some basic values admired by the followers of the Transcendental movement.

Every new object so seen gives a shock of agreeable surprise. The impressions on the imagination make the great days of life: the book, the landscape or the personality which did not stay on the surface of the eye or ear but penetrated to the inward sense, agitates us, and is not forgotten.

Thoreau, Emerson, and Transcendentalism

Emerson's poem emphasizes the unity of all manifestations of nature, nature's symbolism, and the perpetual development of all of nature's forms toward the highest expression as embodied in man. Nature is divided into an introduction and eight chapters. Dickinson's works were meant to taunt society by showing how a woman, ironically trapped in her "natural" surroundings of the home, could obtain as much power, if not more than any male writer.

This ironic revisions of ideas is directed at all male transcendentalists and figures in society.

An analysis of the importance pf natural experience and imagination in transcendentalism
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