A short story on my first day of school

I hope your first day will be one of your best days of your life too. Before I knew it, eighth grade was just around the corner. Some of them gathered rounded me.

Anita painted a fruit tray. I was happy with my class as not one kid in my class was mean or nasty to one or another. Anita woke up early in the morning and get ready for the school. It was room Everyone else was late, too.

My mother does not believe that a girl in kindergarten needs such things, so I am taking them only because of my insistent whining aVid because they are presents from our neighbors, Mary Keith and Blondelle Harris.

The First Day of Middle School

She has learned that money is the beginning and end of everything in this world, and when the woman finishes, my mother offers her fifty cents, and the woman accepts it without hesitation.

They also wanted to hug her little girl. I woke up this morning excited but, nervous as today was the day, I would begin my journey of high school.

My first day of school :)

It was a primary school. Thousands of though its rushed through my mind. I had to get up for school earlier than in the past, partly because of having to be bussed to school and partly because I had to take better care of myself now that I was in my preteen years.

The First Day Edward P. The bus stopped at the school after a short ride. Everything was too different. Eventually, after what seemed like hours, the bell rang and the class ended.

All the students went there and picked up the picture story books. When, in answer to her question, my mother tells her that we live atthe woman first seems to be picturing in her head where we live.

My first day of high school taught me, I shouldn't be so quick judge about something, I haven't even tried. Just inside the front door, women out of the advertisements in Ebony are greeting other parents and children.

Next year, on the first day of school, I would be watching the new seventh graders sweating it out just like I did—just like everyone does. She is tiny, almost as small as the girl standing beside her. She hurried to the breakfast table where her breakfast was ready.

The school bell rang. It was such a nice and wonderful day. After the game was over the teacher told students to draw and paint a beautiful art pieces.

It was the time to go to the library. She was very excited for the classroom activities. Then she shakes her head and says that we are at the wrong school, that we should be at Walker-Jones. I started searching for the name of the school and the teacher, Mrs. My shoes are my greatest joy, black patent-leather miracles, and when one is nicked at the toe later that morning in class, my heart will break.

Anita and a few students played a game of football. Anita and her mom and dad rushed to the stand where other kids were waiting for the bus. Can anyone plz summerize this story. They also wanted to hug her little girl. Like everything else I have on, my pale green slip and underwear are new, the underwear having come three to a plastic package with a little girl on the front who appears to be dancing.

Anita woke up early in the morning and get ready for the school. There were old news articles about a terrible massacre that happened in the school 10 years before.

I went and sat down with my friends from last year we chatted about our holidays and what their first lesson of high school was like. Anita picked up her favorite lunch and ate heartily.

At first, they thought it was just nerves, but eventually, after I had refused to go to school for a whole week, they gave in and enrolled me in a different school. Every chair seems occupied by a child or adult.Anita went to bed dreaming of the adventures that would take place the next morning.

It would be her first day of school. Anita woke up early in the morning and get ready for the school. Coming prepared with some good first day of school stories for preschool children can make the difference between a great first day and a mediocre one. Read these stories to preschoolers, and use them as a springboard to discuss their fears about the first day of school.

Tags Realistic Short Stories Short Story Day School I woke up to the sound of my mother waking me up, "Maddie, get up. You don't wan't to be late on your first day of school.". Edward P. Jones is a PEN/Hemingway and Pulitzer Prize winning author.

“The First Day” appears in his short story collection Lost in the. The First Day of Middle School. The transition into middle school will be the hardest change kids experience during their school yearsCompared to this, the first day of high school is a piece of cake.

Allan Mucerino, Principal, Ensign Intermediate School. My stomach was tied in knots, and I could feel the sweat soaking through my T-shirt. Short Story It is hard to tell you the way I felt about my first day of high school but if i tell how it all it went then maybe you will understand.

A short story on my first day of school
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